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Maximize Your Company's Market Exposure

First, Define Your Business Identity . . .

   #1 — Who Are You? . . .  Entreprenuer or Inventor?  New Venture Startup?
             maybe an Existing Small Business, Large Company or Big Corporation?

    #2 — What Are You Selling?. . . Ideas? Products? Services? All the Above?


    #3 — Where Are Your Customers?. . . Is your Primary Target Market:
              Retail Consumer or Commercial?    Local, Regional, National or Global?

Next Strategically "BRAND"   Your Business Above
the Industry Competition
, by Utilizing Creative Media,
thru Effective Visual Marketing and Technology
Stand Out . . . Don't Blend In !!!

    Successful businesses throughout history, have dynamically positioned their products
and/or services above the competition, by utilizing Identity Branding Strategies.
They include Innovative Marketing Concepts,
Creative Graphic Design,
Cost-Effective Advertising and New Media Technologies.
Combine these Strategies with a High Customer Satisfaction Reputation
. . .

~ Check Your Company's Identity Effectiveness ~
(simply click above for a few simple questions - your answers may benefit you and only you)

Whether the business has been established for many years or is a new startup venture,
your company's Logo & Identity in the marketplace can be the edge you need.

For a limited time, DPI is offering Free, Professional Analysis of your company's current logo!
Or if you do not have a company logo and just starting up, tell us about the business, we can guide you!

FREE ~ Professional Logo Analysis ~ FREE
(simply click above for a free company logo analysis by our professional design staff)


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